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At Wilder Side, we're about helping paddlers and e-boaters get to the water, get in the water, and have more fun on the water. We are about maximizing the fun and minimizing the hassle. Our first product solves one of the first problems... getting a heavy rig to the water from the campsite or parking lot solo. Our revolutionary Freedom Launcher® provides retractable gear for either kayaks or canoes built to fit up to your watercraft. Our customers like options, and they've asked for new upgrade choices. So we listened and delivered. Whether it is custom paint or wheels, we aim to please with the best landing gear for fishing kayaks - that's what our customers tell us we do!

The Freedom launcher far exceeded my expectations. It works Flawlessly, it is Robust, and was Exactly what I was looking for! Working with David to adapt the system to my Hobie PA-12 was an Awesome experience.

- Will Akers

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